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What is it?
 We will sponsor you and give a advertisement on our website(s).
 We might, give you some things to giveaway to your community.
 If you want something we might help you out.

What we want from you?
 We want you to Advertise our Website and so our discord community.
 We want you to Show that we sponsor you. Example for a streamer put our logo that you will get IF you are approved in all your streaming screens.
 Or if you also have a Website put it on you Webiste body. Example:  YourWebsite © Copyright | Powered by, PexGaming

  • Youtuber: More then 1000+ Subscribers.
  • Twitch streamer: 250+ Followers. And stable 10 viewers.
  • Website: Monthly visitors of 250+
  • Discord: 250+ Members.

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