DelexNL x PexGaming™️

Monthly Giveaway,

This months giveaway will be:

How to enter?

Go to: DelexNL
Follow him, and grind until you have 1000 Dexters (Points) "!points" to check
After that type "!giveaway" to enter the giveaway provided by, PexGaming.

Giveaway ends in:

Winner: "unoxworstenbroodje"

The winner has time until 24-05-2019 18:00PM WEST to send us an PM,MAIL,DM and claim there winnings!

Twitch commands DelexNL

  1. !discord
  2. !donate
  3. !giveaway
  4. !flip
  5. !give @user "value"
  6. !rank
  7. !points
  8. !slots
  9. !steam
  10. !trade
  11. !uptime
  12. goodnight / night

Command function:

  1. Gives discord invite link.
  2. Gives donate link.
  3. Enters you in the giveaway.
  4. Coinflip command (Gamble feature)
  5. Give some of your coins/Dexters to someone. Be kind <3
  6. Loads up DelexNL's CS:GO rank.
  7. Gives your points (Dexters) information, lvl and hours you have watched.
  8. Slots command (Gamble feature)
  9. Gives DelexNL's steam profile link.
  10. Gives DelexNL's steam trade link.
  11. Gives the uptime of DelexNL's stream.
  12. Bot wishes you a goodnight <3