PexGaming™️ CS:GO Team.

PexGaming has its own CS:GO Team. You can participate. Enter all your details below and we will check if you are good enough to become a member of the PexGaming CS:GO Team.


  • Train the team at least 4 times a week.
  • 15 years or older.
  • You must be joined in our Discord.
  • You must add PexGaming Clan tagg in your CS:GO Name. "Steam group that's required is private and you will receive when accepted."

  • Furthermore, when you are admitted to the PexGaming CS:GO team, you must put The steam clan tagg before You're CS:GO Name. You have at most one week for that, otherwise you have the chance that you will be Removed out of our CS:GO Team.

    Have questions or comments go to the contact page.

    *WARNING* Don't think we don't have rules for this team, because we do ;) [We will tell you the rules when you're in a call for you're apply.]

    Apply for the CS:GO Team: